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OCaml in CTags 5.8

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

OCaml support is now in CTags svn repository accessible here : svn co ctags

It will be released with CTags 5.8 which should be released soon (within the month). CTags can be downloaded on his website. The final version of the parser is cleaner in it’s output tags and their contexts, and is fully usable with vim and the taglist plugin.

OCaml support for Ctags

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Hi, today a post to share a customized version of Ctags with OCaml support. If you don’t know what Ctags is, you may not want to look at this post. Unless you really, really (did I mention really?) want to be bored.

For the few Windows OCaml user, just download ctags57_with_ocaml, and put it where you want, maybe in your Windows/System32 folder, or in your path.

For Linux/Unix/other user, the patch to integrate OCaml is here. It must be applied against Ctag 5.7 avaible there. Then you have to use some magic incantation to extract/apply patch/compile/install. Good luck with that =]

With a bit of luck, next official version of ctags will support OCaml out of the box.