OCaml support for Ctags

Hi, today a post to share a customized version of Ctags with OCaml support. If you don’t know what Ctags is, you may not want to look at this post. Unless you really, really (did I mention really?) want to be bored.

For the few Windows OCaml user, just download ctags57_with_ocaml, and put it where you want, maybe in your Windows/System32 folder, or in your path.

For Linux/Unix/other user, the patch to integrate OCaml is here. It must be applied against Ctag 5.7 avaible there. Then you have to use some magic incantation to extract/apply patch/compile/install. Good luck with that =]

With a bit of luck, next official version of ctags will support OCaml out of the box.

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